Agora NFT World Festival & Digital Art Awards To Benefit From Fast Crypto Transaction Speeds in Zilliqa’s Metapolis

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Zilliqa just announced a partnership with Agora to host its well-known Digital Art Awards and marketplace inside its soon-to-be-released metaverse “Metapolis”, built on the Zilliqa blockchain. Agora’s upcoming NFT World Festival will also be hosting on the Zilliqa metaverse and platform. This partnership will likely provide large positive impact to their respective communities, because users, creators and buyers on Agora will benefit from the fast transaction times and scalability inherent in the sharding technology Zilliqa has enabled on its mainnet. Zilliqa, in turn, will benefit from the large, widespread and varied community that Agora has built since its inception.


Agora, known for its NFT marketplace, announced a partnership with blockchain solution company Zilliqa. As part of the agreement, Zilliqa will host the Agora awards event and the NFT World Festival inside Zilliqa’s upcoming metaverse set to release later this year. In addition, Zilliqa will list five winning art pieces from the awards on their new “artist first” NFT marketplace that will go live in the following months.

Agora’s World NFT Festival will be the first inside the metaverse
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Inside The Agora & Zilliqa Partnership

Founded in 2016, Agora stays determined to provide artists with compensation for their hard work. With over 3.5 million downloads in over 190 countries, Agora’s marketplace is one of the largest marketplaces for digital art. Digital art inside the gallery remains available for all to admire but remains available for purchase. At this time, Agora’s marketplace can be accessed through its app on IOS or Android devices.

In 2018, Agora launched the Agora awards, which celebrated the talents of iconic and emerging artists from photographic artwork to musical creations. Selected winners of the event receive a cash prize starting at 25,000 dollars. However, this year the five winning pieces will also find a listing on Zilliqa’s upcoming “artist first” marketplace Rialto.

“Our mission is to empower talent and grant access to that talent to anyone anywhere in the world. Partnering with Zilliqa is a firm step in that direction.” – Octavi Royo, founder of Agora

Zilliqa offers scalable blockchain solutions for enterprises and Dapps, providing innovative network solutions. Developed by industry experts and financial specialists Zilliqa’s technology has processed over 34 million transactions since launching its main net. Furthermore, Agora’s partnership with Zilliqa to host the first-ever world NFT festival upon Zilliqa’s gamified XR metaverse platform ‘Metapolis’ has created talk among the Web3 community.

“Metapolis aims to support not just brands and businesses, but also independent apps, entrepreneurs and talent such that they flourish in the borderless creator economy. The metaverse will excel at giving global creators a chance to thrive. Taking ownership of new business models and be adequately recognised, compensated and applauded for their work. Agora Awards was totally in sync with our vision.”- Sandra Helou, Head of NFT and Metaverse, Zilliqa.

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