Cudos and Sports NFT project UFF Sports announce partnership and will build on Zilliqa blockchain –

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Decentralized computing and ecosystem Cudos and Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports (UFF Sports) announced via a press release on a partnership to build an NFT project based around adding elements of the sporting world to the blockchain, and will be built on Zilliqa. This will allow athletes access to new revenue streams and fans new avenues of access and interaction with their favorite sports-figures.

PRESS RELEASE. UFF Sports is a sports-based non-fungible token (NFT) project built on the Zilliqa blockchain. It aims to put the entire sports world — past, present and future — onto the blockchain as digital assets.

UFF Sports will provide a complex ecosystem for athletes to begin an actual digital career based on a virtual version of themselves as a digital athlete NFT. This will give athletes revenue-generating mechanisms like fantasy sports and e-sports, crypto finance, gaming and metaverse opportunities.

These features enable fans to interact, game and invest in their favourite athletes within this ecosystem now and in the future, even if they have passed away. Fans can also purchase and operate complex digital sports franchises that function much like real-world organisations.

“Together with our current partners at Zilliqa, our star athletes (the list is growing weekly), dedicated fans and investors, industry partners and now the Cudos team, we believe we will be one of the strongest forces in sports globally,” UFF Sports.

Cudos will build the infrastructure, provide advice and innovation, and connect UFF Sports to their vast global ecosystem. Initially, the agreement is for UFF Sports to utilize the Cudos decentralised computing network to provide the UFF Sports platform with reliable compute power and peace of mind that their ecosystem is safe from the central point of failure risks.

Additionally, the founders and other team members of UFF Sports have large investments of CUDOS tokens and will be running a dedicated UFF Sports CUDOS node.

Cudos and UFF Sports will also be working together on a sports metaverse. The project will incorporate NFTs into metaverse worlds where athletes, fans and franchise owners can grow and profit. This will be a global initiative that will run on the Cudos blockchain and be integrated into the UFF Sports platform.

You can expect everything from NFTs to cryptocurrency to fully-built sports centers with stadiums, athletes, fans, with yet more plans for the collaboration to follow in the future.

“The Cudos project is the perfect partner to assist UFFS with our entrance into the metaverse space. Cudos provides decentralized computing and they are a strong up-and-coming blockchain with a truly amazing innovative team, which made our decision very easy. We are confident that our collaboration will give athletes from all sports, at all levels, an amazing opportunity to leverage metaverses and all things digital with their fans right beside them.” Tony Charanduk – UFF Sports founder.

Pete Hill, vice president of sales at Cudos, said, “UFF Sports and Cudos are strong believers in bringing NFTs and the metaverse sports fans across the world. This is a hugely significant partnership for Cudos, particularly in terms of user growth and network adoption. UFF Sports’ consumer focus is well aligned with our vision, offering the potential for large-scale adoption of Cudos technology and the empowerment of athletes and fans within the emerging metaverse space.”

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Additionally, we are looking for data centers and cloud service providers with global locations. So we want you to contact us now! If you already have your CUDOS tokens, why not make the most of them by staking them on our platform and securing our network?

About UFF Sports

UFF Sports is a sports-based NFT ecosystem that is bringing the entire sports world to the digital realm. The goal is: every sport at every level from prospects, minor leagues, professionals and even retired legends. Our ecosystem will empower athletes and their fans by leveraging digital careers in the UFFS global sports ecosystem.

About Cudos

The Cudos Network is a layer one blockchain and layer two computation and oracle network designed to ensure decentralized, permissionless access to high-performance computing at scale and enables scaling of computing resources to 100,000’s of nodes. Once bridged onto Ethereum, Algorand, Polkadot and Cosmos, Cudos will enable scalable compute and layer two oracles on all of the bridged blockchains.

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