LUNR Crypto Token Shows High User Growth Rate Statistics – Great for Zilliqa | Feb. 2022

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lunr token 60k hodlrs

In a recent tweet, Lunr Token (a crypto on ZRC-2 base contract) announced a growth milestone with the token crossing the threshold of 60,000 hodlers, with 2,000 of them in the previous 24 hours:

It was just a few days ago on February 9 that the cryptocurrency analysis company House of Chimera noted in a tweet that very recently that the LUNR token has seen a large increase in unique mentions across social media (LunarCrush’s “Social Volume” metric), that’s also accompanied by an increasing social “share of voice” percentage of mentions (what LunarCrush calls “Social Dominance”):

This growth in LUNR users has helped to power growth in transactions on the Zilliqa ecosystem, which in turn helps strengthen the Zilliqa project overall from a visibility and user-base perspective, among other factors.

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