Metaverse Avatar Fashion Line Launched by Zilliqa to Promote Blockchain Fashion Sustainability June 2022

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As the metaverse becomes more visible and grows in popularity, its growing user base will increasingly translate into a greater demand for accessories for those users’ avatars. Zilliqa, the company whose technology powers its metaverse-as-a-service offering known as Metapolis, is launching support for the creators of future fashion lines focused on such avatars. These projects will enable more open collaboration and opportunities for established brands to enter the space and new designers to showcase their talents, all while promoting sustainability.


Chosen partners will design a special fashion line for avatars on the Zilliqa-powered metaverse, Metapolis, and become the official partner for e-commerce merchandise; Offering global visibility, support, and funding to grow their brand

LONDON, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zilliqa (, the high-performance, high-security, and low-fee Layer-1 blockchain protocol, and Metapolis, an extended-reality (XR) metaverse-as-a-service platform (MaaS) powered by Zilliqa, are launching a new initiative to support creators with a focus on sustainable fashion. Three finalists will win grants of up to $15K and be given the opportunity to create a fashion line for Metapolis avatars. The winner will become the official e-commerce merchandise partner for Zilliqa.

The selected winner will work alongside Norah Sallam, Creative Director of Zilliqa, to design and manufacture merchandise as an official partner. The winner will also benefit from the global visibility that Zilliqa brings. For example, the official brand will be worn by the core team during events and podcasts. Additionally, the three finalists will also design a fashion line for avatars within Metapolis and earn a percentage from the sales. The funding and support offered are intended to encourage creators to leverage their marketing and business needs.

Applications are now open for emerging brands, indie labels, established companies, or fashion creators with access to suppliers also aligned to sustainability. Zilliqa wants to work with brands that include at least one of the following techniques in their work: upcycling, recycling, ethical fashion, slow fashion, or zero waste.

The initiative, which comes at the perfect time following World Environment Day on June 5th, advances Zilliqa’s mission to build a carbon-neutral ecosystem. In terms of carbon emissions, Zilliqa is already approximately 10,000x less than other blockchains. Zilliqa will prioritize brands that support ethical consumerism, responsible sourcing, and sustainable fashion, as they work to become carbon negative in 2022.

“Digital fashion is a booming industry and as more talent looks at entering the metaverse and Web3 space, we want to support their initiative in building a sustainable and inclusive world across both physical and digital environments,” says Sandra Helou, Head of Metaverse and NFTs at Zilliqa. “We look forward to partnering with talented creators that share the same sustainability values as Zilliqa and Metapolis, and helping them enter their next stages of growth.”

About Zilliqa:

Zilliqa provides highly-performant, scalable, and secure blockchain solutions for enterprises and decentralised applications. Founded in 2017, Zilliqa was developed by a team of global business and industry experts, experienced scientists, leading engineers, financial services specialists, and venture creators. Committed to developing innovative and scalable blockchain solutions with a user-centric approach, Zilliqa is driven by the mission to catalyse and transform digital infrastructures across global communities and industries. Zilliqa’s technology has served as the backbone for use cases across the arts, asset securitisation, content creators and the influencer economy, decentralised and open finance, digital advertising, financial services, incentivised marketing, and sports.

To date, the Zilliqa blockchain has processed over 30 million transactions since launching its mainnet and is home to a flourishing decentralised application ecosystem of over 250 projects. For more information, visit:

About Metapolis

Metapolis is the first ‘metaverse-as-a-Service platform’ (MaaS) built on a world-renowned technology stack and powered by a leading L1 blockchain, Zilliqa. Giving you a data-centric and fully customizable extended reality (XR) experience accessible through web/AR & VR. With the vision of bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds through seamless integration and an always-on layer of engagement. Metapolis has its sights set on becoming the basis of ‘the next internet’ and building a future for interoperability with security and safety at heart.

SOURCE Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd.

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