Mine ETH Convert to BTC For Mining Payout On Bitcoin Network Using Ezil

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The techs at Ezil, the crypto mining pool built on the Zilliqa blockchain, managed to overcome certain technical hurdles to enable users of its platform to mine ETH, then autoconvert that ETH to BTC to reap the rewards of receiving mining payouts on the Bitcoin network – all without having to mine BTC directly.

BTC mining with GPU, on Ezil

How is that possible? We all know that you can’t mine Bitcoin with GPU. Technically yes, but the Ezil team solved this — you can mine ETH, we automatically convert it to BTC and you receive mining payouts through the Bitcoin network.

How do I enable the BTC mining feature?

It will only take a few steps:

1. You need to create a BTC wallet. We’re sure 99.9% of you already have one. We support the most popular Legacy and SegWit wallets as well as Script. If you’re trying to figure out what kind of wallet you have please check here: //bitcoin.design/guide/glossary/address/

Note: We do recommend using SegWit, it will help you save up to 30–40% on Tx Fees when you transfer your funds.

2. Open //ezil.me/start and select your mining OS.

3. Use the BTC wallet address in the connection line. For instance if you use Windows + GMiner and you are located in EU:

miner.exe — algo eth — server ro.ezil.me:2443 — ssl 1 — user BTC_WALLET.WORKER

Note: You can also use a BTC wallet if you mine two coins. Your account will look like:


In your account you will see a notification that you have enabled BTC payouts

How does it work?

1. You need to set up a min payout limit in your account settings. Please note that you set up a payouts limit for ETH (as usual).

2. Every 24 hours at 09:00 UTC we will be processing payouts for all the users who reached or exceeded their min. payout limit.

3. We convert ETH rewards to BTC for all the users who are eligible for BTC payout (have enabled BTC payouts and reached the min payout limit). We exchange ETH /BTC via Binance at the current market price.

4. After that we send out BTC payouts to the miners in one transaction.

5. Transaction fee is split between all the miners who are receiving BTC payout. The more miners, the less TxFee for a single user.

6. You will see ETH/BTC exchange rate in your accounts in the Payouts section.

If you have any questions our team would be happy to help. The best way to contact us in chat on the website or Telegram channel.

Ezil Team


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