Zilliqa Perfect for P2E Crypto Web3 Game Creation: Future Of Gaming Presentation May 2022

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Today Zilliqa hosted a discussion over YouTube between core team members Tom (Head of Business Development, Sports and Gaming), and Valentin (tech lead), with Kevin moderating. The talk centered on describing the things Zilliqa has in its favor as it works to become – in its words – a blockchain gaming platform of choice, with a special emphasis on becoming the Play-to-Earn (P2E) platform of choice for players and developers alike.

As examples of things in the group’s favor, they discussed their current strategic partnerships, fast blockchain technology, their metaverse Metapolis, and the experienced team that Zilliqa has put together for just this purpose.

The group stated that they want to become the “leading blockchain in competitive gaming”, and aiming to be known as “the win to earn chain”.

First Person Shooter Games

The discussion then went into how 1st person shooter genre line up well with P2E as well as with Esports generally, and it is a popular genre out in the universe of gaming. First person shooter games fit in with the Zilliqa game catalog and current industry partnerships – Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) being an example of a current partnership that also happens to be one of best Counter Strike teams out competing now.

Important in the Development and Planning Process

The team highlighted some elements that have continued to be important in their development and planning process: a focus on ensuring their games stay fun to play; continuing to strategically think long term; that quality of a game overall is very important, and more so than the quantity of games released by a studio; trusting that the underlying Zilliqa blockchain tech enables the fast speed that are so important for a good game experience as well as for the microtransactions inherent in a P2E environment.

Sneak Preview of a New FPS

The presentation also included a sneak preview of a game currently in production – here are some still images taken as screenshots from their demo:

image property of Zilliqa
image property of Zilliqa
image property of Zilliqa

Check out the whole presentation here on the Zilliqa YouTube channel

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