Zilliqa’s Metapolis Metaverse Example of Accessibility and Monetization Opportunity

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Two recent articles have highlighted the possibilities of Metapolis and the metaverse in general, outlining how Zilliqa’s blockchain technology is of the highest caliber and the ZIL coin’s recent gains in price underscore the point that the wider crypto community is taking notice. Metaverses can provide value by offering tools for monetization and creation, and to the extent it offers tools for democratization, ownership and communication for users, businesses and creators, the greater the value offered. The two articles below discuss these and more aspects of value and Metapolis…

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I arrived in Miami a few days before Bitcoin 2022, hailed by the organizers as the world’s largest gathering of bitcoiners. This is the famed event where the who’s who of blockchain come to rub shoulders, with guest speakers like Peter Thiel of Paypal & President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador. If you are anyone in this space, you are here.

And so, by chance, I had the good fortune to be invited to the launch party of a new Metaverse project built on Zilliqa, called Metapolis.

You might have heard of Zilliqa blockchain because of last week’s rally, making it the #1 token on the market by performance. They jumped 60 spots on the market cap, which is no small feat. That price action got it on my radar and piqued my curiosity, so I couldn’t turn down the invitation to see all the buzz.

Is Metaverse The Future? Let’s Dive In 

A quick recap on Zilliqa: this is a high-performance, low fee, layer one blockchain protocol with robust security features and a scaling solution based on sharding. All the nuts and bolts of a solid layer 1, yes, but that’s a given.

I wanted to see something special. If you are an L1, the proof is in the pudding, and I wanted to know: did they have the goods?

“Many people think that the Metaverse is about a place, but one definition of this is it’s about a time when immersive digital worlds become the primary way that we live our lives and spend our time.”

After being here and seeing this project firsthand, I am starting to think that the Metaverse might be a big part of the future, and the not-so-distant one at that.

Metapolis will directly compete with projects like Sandbox and Decentraland and blow them out of the water from what I have seen so far. So what special thing sets Metapolis (& Zilliqa) apart, you ask?

Metaverse-as-a-Service Is More Than Gaming

Metapolis is the world’s first Metaverse as a Service (MaaS), built using Unreal Engine, Unity, & Nvidia Omniverse technology. This stack allows brands to create domed – stretchable ‘worlds’ to suit their business needs with ease. And you can make them as small or as big as you want, allowing for extreme customization.

Their emphasis on onboarding businesses & communities into a cohesive technology stack shortens the time and difficulty (think cost) to create an immersive world of one’s choosing. Metapolis changed my perspective on what Metaverse can unlock for businesses, projects, and communities.

Each dome allows a business to own its brand and tell its story. Presenting the Metaverse through a lens and voice of its choosing. Hosting events, featured premiers, the release of new products, NFT functionality, engagingly interacting with customers; the possibilities are endless, and that’s really what got my attention. This real to digital world connection hasn’t been unlocked yet.

This is now the project to watch for me (one of my favorite projects in web3 to date) because it puts more power into the hands of businesses as they enter into this new space.

A New “Decentralized” Land of Opportunity

What immediately came to mind for me is the possibility of industry events where the business wants to attract a new type of audience; this is how they can instantly position themselves on the cutting edge of their industry.

There are different elements that each brand can utilize that aren’t possible physically or through the current web2.io experience. This is what sticks in my mind about this project; it is the bridging of possibilities beyond what we can imagine now.

According to a new report by Grand View Research, the global metaverse market size is estimated to reach nearly USD 700 billion by 2030.

Big names like Nike, Amazon, Tesla, or thousands of other companies on the cutting edge could use this new tech to create immersive experiences unlike any before.

Imagine a game where you pilot the Amazon delivery drones and deliver packages for NFT-based discounts on products. Or a racing simulator where you get to experience the inside of a Tesla CyberTruck before it launches in the real world. Nasa space station…no wait…TESLA space station. And Nike’ Moon Shoes’ where you can dunk a basketball in low gravity.

Everybody Wants To Get Into The Metaverse

According to market research, 74% of adults are currently considering joining the Metaverse for various reasons, including to experience things they cannot in physical reality and connect to others in this space.

Many of these people foresee massive educational opportunities, and others want to use this technology to become a different person altogether. All in all, this looks to be a positive way to unite people in many different ways. Changing the way we communicate in a post-covid world.

Right now, we are constrained by physical space or technology (thanks, zoom!), but that is fast changing. Virtual classrooms for education, meeting rooms for business, concert venues for live entertainment experiences, and more are all possible in Metapolis.

Accepting this invitation turned out to be the highlight of my week spent in Miami. It wasn’t the famed Florida beaches or the keynote speakers of Bitcoin 2022 that made the biggest impression; it was the domed cities of Metapolis and the promise of what can be built & created in this new medium.

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Could Metapolis Unlock Metaverse for Everyone? Let’s MetaDive

The cutting edge may soon be the new normal.

Zilliqa just saw two separate price rallies with gains surpassing 100% each time. This got the crypto community to sit up and take notice, especially since Zilliqa had fallen off our radars for some time. But they’ve been hard at work and it has turned the tide.

Today, the quality of Zilliqa’s projects are unmatched. Their frontrunner, Metapolis, is one of the most ambitious metaverse projects. 

It’s a big statement but one that is deserved. To explain why, it helps to first understand the value the metaverse will bring.

Democratization. Monetization. Communication.

“The metaverse is not just a ‘new Americas’ in that it’s more real estate. It’s a new canvas for individuals. It’s more like discovering the solar system, the Galaxy,” said Matthew Ball, venture capitalist and metaverse visionary.

What makes the metaverse a true game-changer is the applications that it offers creators and users, with the most common being artists’ and musicians’ galleries and NFT marketplaces. Now, it is easier than ever for artists everywhere to showcase their works to a larger audience, collaborate with peers, and even engage with their buyers.

This autonomy gives creators more options to monetize their content by engaging with followers or fans on social media platforms, and incentivizing every interaction. The beauty of it is that anyone can be a creator.

In short, the metaverse is helping to democratize the creator economy.

But this is just one application. The metaverse can also be a vehicle for a wider range of purposes.

For instance, customised avatars offer children undergoing home-based learning or those with learning disabilities an avenue to develop their social skills and self-confidence in a safe space at their own pace via the metaverse.

It also provides therapists with more ways to help patients form the cognitive, behavioural, and social skills to navigate relationships and engage with others in the physical world.

Democratisation, monetisation and communication. These are but a handful of applications made possible with the metaverse, and the list will only keep growing as more organizations, institutions and individuals make their way there.

Metaverse: Adoption through Accessibility

Despite being a vehicle for innovation, transformation and change – the metaverse remains cutting-edge technology that isn’t accessible to the average person on the street. It’s akin to being back in the early days of the internet where the ability to create software, start a website, or even configure a modem made you a highly sought-after talent.

Still, it’s 2022. Shouldn’t there be a way for everyone to build in the metaverse? A sort of Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS)?

Actually, yes, this technology has already arrived.

Metapolis is the first metaverse-as-a-service (MaaS) platform and it is powered by Zilliqa. As a quick refresher, Zilliqa is an L1 blockchain focusing on security and scalability, that’s providing the foundation for a digital future. Unlike other metaverses, Metapolis is an immersive always-on layer of engagement built for flexibility, engagement, and user experience.

Metapolis’ MaaS model significantly shortens the journey from idea to implementation by enabling individuals and entities to leverage ready-built infrastructure that’s already integrated into the Zilliqa blockchain.

This gives users and developers alike instant access to a vibrant ecosystem of dApps, DeFi and marketplaces, as well as an established user base. It’s a win for developers looking to create P2E games since all the core mechanics are in place right from step one.

The metaverse is becoming increasingly integrated across every vertical – from gaming to luxury brands, retail, finance and more. When household brands and industry titans see the emergence of new channels of engagement and new markets to tap into, it sparks true digital innovation, and the end result is that everyone wins,” said Max Kantelia, serial entrepreneur & co-founder at Zilliqa.

By shrinking the timeframe needed for building, testing, and deployment, Metapolis is essentially commodifying the metaverse by removing the technical expertise and operational and maintenance responsibilities from the equation.

To put it in simpler terms, imagine being able to build an NFT marketplace back in 1996!

Metapolis: Bringing the Metaverse Closer to You

The lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring. As the boundaries fade, the metaverse becomes ever more entrenched as the bridge between the physical and the digital world.

Within this space lies the future and all the possibilities it holds. All that’s needed is an idea and a desire to make a difference.

Metapolis takes care of the rest. Through its MaaS model, every individual and organization will have a chance to manifest their unique brand of creativity to solve problems, empower communities, and explore new modes of digital engagement.

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