ZRC7 NFT Metadata Standard Launch Supports MIME Type & Integrity Attributes

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After polling the Zilliqa community for input and assembling the feedback, Zilliqa has launched their NFT metadata standard ZRC-7. This will be a great benefit to NFT creators building on the Zilliqa blockchain, offering a simpler and more-streamlined process for NFT creation. With this new metadata standard, devs can make NFTs with increased interoperability between the various protocols they might choose to use, in addition to having support for MIME types and integrity for attributes. All of these developments aim at making the NFT process simpler for creators, and should thus help grow adoption of the ecosystem.


Zilliqa (ZIL) Incorporates the ZRC-7 Standard to Benefit NFTs 13


  • The team at Zilliqa has incorporated the ZRC-7 standard for NFTs
  • ZRC-7 standardizes the structure of NFT metadata to provide a simpler experience for NFT creators
  • It provides a unified structure for NFTs, complementing previous standards of ZRC-1 and ZRC-6
  • The new standard was implemented after feedback from the community

The team at Zilliqa (ZIL) has incorporated the ZRC-7 standard for NFTs. The new standard provides a unified structure for NFTs on the Zilliqa blockchain. It standardizes the structure of NFT metadata as well as complimenting previous standards of ZRC-1 and ZRC-6.

By having a standardized and consistent metadata structure, ZRC-7 will provide a simpler avenue for NFT creators and builders to handle the said metadata in a simpler way. The introduction and implementation of the new NFT standard were the results of public feedback from the Zilliqa community.

As the NFT industry continues to grow, NFTs continue to contain additional information that needs to be accommodated on the blockchain. In the case of ZRC-7, the structure of the NFT metadata has been modified to support additional resources for the media type (MIME).

Examples of media types include images (png, jpeg), audio (MPEG), video (mp4), model (3mf), font (otf), and applications (pdf).

NFT Marketplaces on Zilliqa

With respect to NFT marketplaces, the Zilliqa ecosystem is home to the following:

  • Sparda Wallet – an NFT marketplace with Zilpay integration
  • Mintable – a marketplace that allows NFT creators to create and sell their digital items easily on the Zilliqa blockchain
  • Zilstars – an NFT marketplace for exclusive collectibles by global football stars
  • DeMons – with its unique NFT collection, DeMons uses Defi to reward holders of NFTs with the DMZ token
  • Arky – an NFT marketplace with a focus on the end-users
  • Okimoto – a unique NFT marketplace on Zilliqa that takes 0% in sales fees

Zilliqa to be Listed on JBEX

In other news, Zilliqa will be listed today on the Jubi Exchange. The team at the exchange made the announcement earlier today through the following tweet.

The listing of Zilliqa on Jubi increases the availability of ZIL to traders and investors who can also access the digital asset on major crypto exchanges. These include Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io, Binance.US, Bithumb, Huobi, Bittrex, Coinone, AscendEx, just to name a few.


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