Gasless Enterprise NFT Minting API & Platform Mintology Launched By Zilliqa Partner Mintable

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Zilliqa partner Mintable announced a new NFT as a Service called “Mintology”. This service is geared towards enterprise-level companies interested in adding NFTs to their businesses and strategies and looking or a partner to handle the technical back-end portion of the offering. This service is also billed as offering the opportunity to mint NFTs gas-fee-free on the Ethereum network. This offering will bring raise the profile of Mintable and also Zilliqa, ultimately, thereby increasing awareness and providing the opportunity to enlarge the Zilliqa community.


This March, the NFT platform will be launching its new NFT as a Service offering, Mintology.

Mintology has a World First proprietary technology that allows the minting of NFTs on the Ethereum Network completely free of gas fees.

Mintology has already saved companies more than USD$75 million in fees during its pre-launch phase and is now launching a new range of services to target the business and enterprise market.

The company identified that many businesses are exploring incorporating NFTs into their strategies, but that there are no genuine choices for companies to choose a service provider to handle all the technological parts. This is where Mintology comes in.

Mintology will offer a full suite of services to help businesses launch their NFT campaign, including the world’s first NFT Launchpad with gas-free minting, a fully customizable marketplace, a full suite of payment options including non-crypto, a white-label marketplace, dedicated smart contacts, and custodial wallets. Mintology is working with large brands, including some listed on Nasdaq, driving additional customer engagement and revenue streams.

Mintology is part of Mintable, a successful NFT Marketplace Leader, founded in 2018 and with investors and partners such as Ripple and Mastercard.

The new service platform has created a powerful one-click API that can be embedded into products and user experiences, allowing customers to rapidly mint NFTs and have them advertised on a marketplace seamlessly. Companies can set up an account online in three easy steps and simply pay a flat fee with a credit card for unlimited gas free NFT mints.

Click here to know more about Mintology.

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