XRP vs BTC vs ZIL Transaction Volume & Price Growth Analysis Shows Zilliqa High Growth Crypto

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Zilliqa just released its Ecosystem report for Q4 and Annual 2021, and it showcased a year of growth and far-reaching initiatives for the platform and ecosystem. Many of the statistics reported by the platform seem to indicate that a large and fast-growing number of users find a high amount of utility in the ZIL token and larger ecosystem. One standout in the report is that, when comparing Q4 vs Q3 of 2021, the ZIL token shows the third-largest percentage growth of average monthly on-chain volume – behind Ripple and Bitcoin – when looking at big blockchains.

Other reported signs of users finding the token and ecosystem very useful included:
– More than US$60M worth of ETH crypto assets was bridged to the Zilliqa mainnet in 2021;
– Large DeFi growth, and almost half (49.5%) of all ZIL is locked into DeFi;

The report also showed that the ZIL token returned very high annual ave. price, market capitalization, and 24H trading volume growth rates in 2021 vs 2020 when compared to the BTC and ETH tokens.

See below for some selected tables from the report, and follow the link at the bottom to read the full report.

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