Metapolis And Miami April 2022 Event Update Has Roadmap Into 2023

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Following up on its private round launch event this past weekend, Zilliqa and Metapolis, its metaverse offering, posted a blog article with an update on their roadmap and vision over the next year for the Metapolis SaaS offering.

In the article, Metapolis announced its leadership team, listed some of its clients, and included a roadmap into 2023 and included:

  • The April 2 2022 “Private Round Launch Event” in Miami
  • May 2022 – Team growth, Marketplace, Interoperability Standard
  • October 2022 Multichain Wallet App
  • March 2023 – V2.0 VR Experiences

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Hello from Metapolis — The World’s First Metaverse-as-a-Service

Metapolis, the world’s first Metaverse-as-a-Service platform, launches with the announcement of its strong leadership team and a stellar list of clients.

Metapolis was unveiled to over 500 entrepreneurs, influencers, luxury brand CEOs, musicians, celebrities, artists, press, and world-class institutional investors on April 2nd in Miami, Florida at the Frost Museum of Science. The event covered the introduction of the Metapolis founding team, the vision, features, possible experiences and environments, open worlds to test in AR and a sneak peek into partner cities built and pending launch.

Metapolis Launch Event April 2022 — Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

While held in Miami, the event opened its doors to a variety of attendees from around the world. Metapolis is the world’s first Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform to bridge the gap between the physical and digital with a vision of building The Next Internet, an engagement layer on top of our physical world.

The room was electric, following the audience’s viewing of Metapolis’s introduction film, which revealed many of the platform’s core features. Max Kantelia, Metapolis’ lead investor and co-founder of Zilliqa, delivered a riveting introduction to the guests about Metapolis and revealed Metapolis’ executive team for the first time publicly.

Mohan and Rama have known each other for over 15 years. They originally met whilst completing their MAs in Australia and have since formed a strong business partnership.

Mohan Kuldeep Ponnada, Metapolis’ CEO, has over 15 years of expertise in the field, having co-founded several technology enterprises including Unixell where he led, developed, and designed low-cost but high-end feature phones for the Asian and African markets. Following that, he co-founded Autohona, a simple-to-use business that links vehicle drivers and consumers, as well as Health on Demand, which was acquired by a leading health-tech giant. Additionally, he co-founded Varaha Innovation Studio, the world’s first Mixed Reality (XR) Virtual Trial Room powered by AI. Mohan stands out as a Futurist, with his eyes set firmly on Metapolis being the universal Metaverse-as-a-Service platform.

Rama Krishna Kattekola is the Co-founder and COO of Metapolis. Having completed his MSc in Melbourne, Australia, Rama Krishna is an operations expert with over 12 years of experience building scalable, operational, and pan-organizational reporting & efficiency processes for CXOs of Fortune 500 companies. He has wide experience in business operations, data science, and business administration.

He brings operational expertise to the full spectrum of business activities at Metapolis.

Sandra comes from a multidisciplinary background spanning across traditional and digital industries. Her global experience across Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East enables her to deliver on both strategy level and on execution level. A Futurist and action leader at heart, Sandra is committed to enriching and innovating the creator economy, web3 and MetaFi / NFT space. A self taught coder, Sandras expertise ranges across marketing, advertising, strategy, growth and development, branding and design along with technology. Having worked with and consulted some of the top marketing and advertising companies in the industry and with world renowned brands, Sandras career has seen her involved in the digital transformation era and is happy to be within the blockchain transformation from web 2 to web 3 and beyond. As Head of Metaverse & NFTs at Zilliqa she works closely on growth, partnerships, strategy, and conceptualization.

We want to thank everyone that has been a part of the event and for putting their faith in us. We are truly thrilled to have met so many passionate people!

If you were unable to attend, we will be sharing a video showing the stunning Metapolis features and much more content to follow.

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