Zilliqa Speaking at iSportConnect June 2022 Web3 Summit | Connecting with Arsenal FC, NASCAR, ESPN, FIFA, NBA is Bullish eSports Opportunity

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Zilliqa announced via tweet that their Head of Metaverse & NFTs Sandra Helou and Head of Business Development, Sports and Gaming Tom Fleetham will be speakers at the inaugural iSportConnect Web3 Summit in June 2022. This should prove to be a great opportunity to connect Zilliqa and its Metapolis MaaS with more key executives and decision makers in the global sports industry, which is the audience this conference is geared towards.

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The conference is where decision makers in the sports industry network and learn “how Web3 and a decentralised internet will reconfigure the foundations of sport and the sports business.” The Web3 Summit website lists FIFA, NASCAR, ESPN, NBA and Arsenal FC as sports brands that will be in attendance, and this should prove a key opportunity for Zilliqa to make vital connections which could greatly benefit from its Metapolis offering.

Learn more at the Web3 Summit page.

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