zilWatch Crypto Dashboard Token ZWT Initial Sale Feb 10 2022

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zilwatch token drop

Today marks the initial open sale of the $ZWT token that will power decentralized ads via a bid platform on and for the smart dashboard ZilWatch. This free-to-use crypto smart dashboard on the Zilliqa blockchain includes features  such convenient tracking and display of a user’s tokens and relevant information (price charts, market cap, etc). To provide this service to its users for free in a self-sustained model, zilWatch aims to sell advertisements users will see interleaved into zilWatch’s products, which will be powered by the token $ZWT which opens up for initial purchase today, 10 February, 2022.

zilwatch token drop

ZilSwap tweeted earlier today an announcement of today’s initial sale of $ZWT, reminding us that only 10,000,000 will ever be created:

Head over to https://zilswap.io/zilo/current to commit tokens and participate in the sale. By holding $ZWT, you can help grow the Zilliqa ecosystem and build the future of the dashboard by voting on new potential functionality.

Learn more about the ZWT token and the ZilWatch dashboard’s features at the document here: https://docs.zilswap.io/zilo/overview/05-zilwatch

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