Decentraland vs Sandbox vs Metapolis | Metaverse Platform Comparison February 2022

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As Zilliqa comes closer to launching Metapolis, its new entrant to the Metaverse, more ink and thought is being put into comparing their offering with that of other current players’. In particular, this has often meant Decentraland and Sandbox. This article goes into some comparison between these platforms but focuses on the many strengths of Zilliqa’s offering such as its speed, scalability, and robust and growing user base. Social engagement is high across its ecosystem, and this looks to only increase through initiatives like its new NFT meta-data standard ZRC-7, as well as its growing number of partnerships (most if not all of which could also help expand and strengthen Metapolis). During a recent interview on YouTube, Zilliqa’s Head of Metapolis Sandra Helou commented that with a project of this size:

“You’re not launching a project, you are continuously building and improving the layer that you are going to have all these brands and all these metaverses built on.”

This type of vision, backed up with the platform and engagement we see with Zilliqa currently, all make this an exciting development to track.


The global cryptocurrency market is generous enough to house the “n-number” of protocols from varied sectors. While some have been idle in the business, others have been soaring higher at an impeccable rate. Whilst emerging as a hurdle to bigger names in the industry.

With the crypto industry now being diverse with numerous projects. A couple of names in the market have been establishing their respective reigns in the sector. Successively, Zilliqa has been striding towards the limelight with its Metapolis, which has taken public platforms by storm. In addition, traders from the crypto town are now betting big on the future prospects of ZIL.

  Zilliqa with its robust fundamentals such as high-performance smart contracts, a wide array of dApps, DEX’s, and IDOs has caught the interests of savvies. In addition, scalability has been one of the USPs with its 1,000,000 TPS (theoretcal). Alongside the level of decentralization, and security. Which have collectively fueled the influx of users, the daily count is now more than 60k users. And the ecosystem economy, which is at $450 M.

Coming to what Zilliqa is known for, the network’s Metapolis has taken the space by storm. Wherefore, executives from the firm are now answerable to the curiosity and liking for the network coming in from savvies. The virtual city and NFT gallery portrayed in the interview has garnered the interest of the savvies. Who are now keen on its release, this month.

In addition, the social engagement of the Zilliqa ecosystem has been growing at an astounding rate. The top-3 projects with high social engagement are Zilliqa, XCAD Network, and Lunr. In contrast, the makers have been rolling out necessary updates. A recent one comes as the ZRC-6 NFT standard.

Successively, Zilliqa has been striding into the world of NFTs at a startling pace. With numerous initiatives coming in from the protocol and the projects built on the network. The network has been scripting brighter numbers with TVL, projects such as DeFis and DEX’s, as its fleet continues to outnumber its targets.

Concluding, savvies from the business are optimistic of the protocol’s catapulting flight in near future, considering the growth metrics. Moreover, savvies also have a firm belief in the blockchain, as the venture into metaverse would be a core test of the underlying fundamentals. If things prevail in favor of the digital asset it might gulp a zero in near future.


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