The Zilliqa crypto launchpad Okipad confirms upcoming launch of blockchain RPG Heroes of Lowhelm and digital world Ziltopia – Digital Journal

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Okipad, currently the sole launchpad on the Zilliqa blockchain, confirmed the launch of a fantasy RGP named “Heroes of Lowhelm” as well as the launch of a digital world project called “Ziltopia”, writes the news outlet “Digital Journal”.  This situation promises to offer users numerous benefits of a “fair token distribution mechanism”, including passive income for staked $OKI token holders.

Okipad, the only launchpad on Zilliqa, has confirmed two out of three projects, naming them as Heroes of Lowhelm and Ziltopia.

There is only one rule of thumb in the world of Crypto, get in early to win. Crypto launchpads have garnered considerable attention already. Users may use them to find early-stage cryptocurrency companies and participate in their presale rounds. They also have a vetting mechanism in place to prevent frauds and rug-pulls, so users may invest without fear of losing hard-earned money. Okipad is a revolutionary launchpad on-top of the Zilliqa blockchain. It is the only launchpad currently on the Zilliqa blockchain and is ran by experienced community members who have been working in the space since 2017.

Okipad runs on the native $OKI token, where users need to stake their tokens to receive allocations in projects launching on the platform.

NFT is abbreviated for Non-Fungible Token meaning that it is irreplaceable. Each token is unique, unlike Bitcoins which are fungible. An NFT can be traded with other unique NFT. They come in many forms and Okimoto is the most advanced decentralised non-fungible token exchange on the Zilliqa blockchain. Some of the NFTs on Okimoto are: Digital Art, MP4s, Collectables, 3D Models, Game Assets, Domain Names, and Physical Goods.

The core issue in the Zilliqa ecosystem is that there are currently no launchpads that offer a fair token distribution mechanism. Okipad solves this problem by doing the following:

Set allocations for users staking tokens: This will allow all users to participate in exciting projects and make the system more equitable. The team behind Okipad are convinced that the Okipad technique is the greatest and most unbiassed way to ensure that all tokens launched on the Okipad are received equally by the community.

Passive income in $OKI for staking: Offering stakers passive income means that anyone who locks up their tokens receives additional benefits in addition to allocations. The team behind Okipad believe that this will empower $OKI token holders while also providing extra benefits to new projects.

How does Okipad work?

Users who lock up their $OKI Tokens will get priority access to launch pad allocations. If missed out on the initial token sale, you can buy $OKI to lock up directly from ZILSWAP.

Heroes of Lowhelm and Ziltopia are two of the three projects that have been confirmed to launch via the Okipad. Both projects have tremendous potential within the Zilliqa gaming sector. The team has eagerly shared some information from the former of the two projects.

Set in the year 1200 on a distant planet in the Aura system, the planet of Lowhelm has been attacked by monsters from the planet of Kryptonium. All five kingdoms of Lowhelm have been infiltrated, putting all their lives and worldly possessions into rebutting. The greatest champions from the kingdoms of Lowhelm unite to help repel the monster hoards.

Heroes who decide to take on the challenge of the Cryptic hoards will need to play with strategy and instincts by playing against the elements and leading Lowhelm to victory. Over 28 summonable heroes await command, all with different stats, skills, and abilities that can be enhanced and powered up.

The world of Lowhelm is also connecting hundreds of exciting NFTs, including weapons, heroes, upgrade materials. With two currencies, $HOL (the premium currency considered the typical in-game purchase gems) and $CAST (the main in-game currency considered like the regular in-game standard gold), the game offers a unique marketplace to its users to purchase items and heroes.

Free-to-play players can summon more units and equipment to build their team and can spend $HOL to summon rare units and characters that are resellable in the marketplace. Investors who are not gamers can also benefit from holding $HOL tokens. 60% of all Premium NFT sales (Heroes & Equipment) and 5% of all marketplace sales will return to token holders as dividends.

Okipad will be controlled by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization in the future (DAO). The DAO system will approve cash for marketing, development, and a variety of other purposes. The DAO’s funds can only be spent once the entire company has signed on. The $OKI token will act as a one-to-one backed vote on how the DAO reserves are used. Users can submit recommendations to the Okipad team, which will then be voted on, allowing the community to rally behind them. The $OKI DAO will be released in 2022.

With exciting projects lined up, there is certainty that Okipad will make this new year a very happy one! The developers are energetic people with different skillsets that allows them to fully understand their targeted audience.

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