New Zilliqa Green Alliance of Carbon Credit Crypto Tokens Jumpstarted with Ignite DAO March 2022

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Cameron Sajedi and Ignite DAO have brought together an assemblage of reputable carbon offsets to tokenize on Zilliqa: a deforestation prevention token, a reforestation token, and a biochar token that uses reprocessed carbon to give new life to depleted soil. This offsetting scheme aims to be an attractive option for large companies looking to offset carbon at scale when searching for a blockchain option having carbon offsets matching their own (and thus helping them to integrate seamlessly).

We like to introduce you to the Zilliqa Green Alliance. A new initiative to help develop a sustainable & green future. Together with the Zilliqa community & ecosystem we are committed to make this happen! Credits to @csajedi & @IgniteDAO for helping kickstart this initiative!

Zilliqa announcement via their Twitter
a still-image from the video posted in the Zilliqa announcement tweet

In an accompanying post Cameron Sajedi detailed the progress behind the announcement, giving examples of the new carbon offsets to be tokenized on the Zilliqa chain such that if burned on the ZIL mainnet they are then automatically retired on their real world carbon registries.

Read his article with all of the details here.

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